Be Your Best Friend's Best Friend.

Be Your Best Friend's Best Friend.

We'll Help You Do It.

What is DiO Dog

DiO for dogs is an all-natural liniment designed with your dog’s best interest in mind. It helps with swelling and joint pain due to chronic or minor injuries. DiO for dogs is a clear, odorless formula that never leaves a sticky or greasy residue. We are always trying to keep everyone in the family in mind so Draw it Out for Dogs it safe for anyone to apply to the family dog.  

Who is DiO Dog

Draw it Out for Dogs was inspired by our family pup that taught us to always live life to the fullest. When we rescued Angus both of his hips were broken and we knew he would struggle for the rest of his life. Throughout Angus's life we looked for various remedies to help ease his pain and swelling. We wanted Angus to feel some relief from his daily challenges and pain. The most inspiring thing about Angus was his perseverance. He never let anything stand in the way of him living life to the fullest and loving everyone and everything. After Angus passed away we wanted to keep his spirit alive and find a way to help other dogs similar to Angus. After starting DiO Inc to help our equine friends, we all suddenly found ourselves applying it to all of the dogs who come to work with us and thus we decided to expand Draw it Out from Horses to Dogs. After numerous "get togethers" usually involving dinner, DiO for Dogs went from table talk to production. 

Angus Angel Fund

Every bottle helps a dog in need! 

Key Benefits

  • Great for muscles and joints
  • Non- Flammable 
  • Dries clear with no residue
  • Odorless
  • Safe for other animals
  • No heating or cooling equals no licking
  • Safe if accidentally ingested

New Releases

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