Tips for Traveling with Your Best Friend

Is it road trip time?  What road trip is complete without your furry copilot helping you navigate from location to location?  If your out and about with your pup below are some great tips for traveling safely with them!

Get Them Used to the Car

This is a big one, especially if your headed out on a long haul.  It is best to start with short trips to see how they do in the car.  It might even be good to sit in the driveway for a few minutes just to let them acclimate.


Make sure your vehicle is well ventilated.  This is most important if your traveling companion is crated.  Crating your dog can be much safer than allowing them to roam inside the vehicle (but not as much fun).

No Bed

If your traveling in a truck, bring your dog up front.  Open air beds can be excessively dangerous for our furry friends.  Riding in the back can be very dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death.  If you have a shell on your truck bed make sure it is well ventilated but sealed for your pups protection.

Keep Your Child Under Control

Car rides can be boring.  Make sure if traveling with dogs and kids to keep them getting along.  Tell your kids to leave the dog alone and don't pester him/her.  Toys for both kids and dogs can help achieve this.  When in doubt, leave the kids at Grandma's (just kidding).

Be Prepared

Finally, be prepared.  We always carry a first aid kit when traveling.  This kit contains items for both people and dogs.  Bandages, medications and other items are always checked and restocked before each trip.  When our older dogs go along we like to be sure to carry a bottle of Dog Liniment as well.  We spray before starting the journey, at each stop and when we get to our destination to fight off any stiffness they might have from the ride.  Occasionally we'll give ourselves a spritz to help those knees and backs feel better after hours in the car

Travel on Empty

This may sound mean or tough to accomplish but your dog will be less likely to get car sick if they can travel with an empty stomach.  Avoid big meals prior to traveling but the occasional "Good Boy" treat should be fine.  Oh and make sure they have plenty of water, especially if traveling in dry or hot climates.

Stay Inside

We know we know, we used a video of a dog hanging out of the window earlier but this can be very dangerous.  Only allow the dog to do so at slow speeds and open areas.  This can be very dangerous if you are on narrow roads or those with high speeds.  Your dog should never be allowed to hang out of the driver's window.  This can lead to limited visibility and dangerous situations.

Run & Pee

Who likes to be cooped up for hours on end?  Regular stops for exercise and potty breaks are a must.  There are some great roadside parks all over the country and other areas that you can stop at.  If you do please pickup after your pooch.  Don't ruin it for the rest of us.

Stay Attentive

Please please please don't leave your dog unattended in a car especially when it is hot.  Designate a family member at each stop to stay with Fido until another returns.  If traveling by yourself look for dog friendly places to stop.